Our Story

Newburgh Civitan is one of many volunteer service clubs of Civitan International (Est. 1917)

Since 1972, Newburgh Civitan has been raising funds and supporting out local communities. We are a non-profit organization. Out goal is to reach out and help others with a special emphasis on developmental disabilities.

The “Newburgh Civitan Haunted House” fundraiser started in downtown Newburgh. The project moved between a few locations. In 1989 it was located at First and Polk. It moved to Vann Rd in 1999. Our building serves as a club house, meetings and event room, and the haunted house.

Youth members of Newburgh Junior Civitan work in the attraction with the assistance of the adult club. They learn safety and various skills needed. The makeup, masks, and costumes allow the Juniors to express themselves and teamwork to make the best scares.

Newburgh Civitan Adults Club – Zombie Farm Crew 2017
Adults and Junior Civitans – Zombie Farm Crew 2018
Members receive fire training prior to working in the haunted house.
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